Chunilal Gandhi Vidhyabhavan

Director's Message

Dear colleagues,

Chunilal Gandhi Vidyabhavan is a Centre of Learning and Research dedicated to Research Scholars in general and College Teachers of the Sarvajanik Education Society in particular.

Research Scholars are most welcome to visit the Vidyabhavan and make use of the Library resources as well as research facilities made available here. The library books have been computerized and the Manuscripts have been digitalized. These can be accessed electronically as well. Besides, internet facility and Xerox/Scanning facility are also available. 

The Vidyabhavan arranges periodically Academic Lectures, Seminars and Symposia.  Academicians and Research Scholars are cordially invited to participate in these academic activities. Those who desire to share their research experience are welcome to deliver lectures and give seminars. The Vidyabhavan is ready to arrange such events.

The Vidyabhavan offers limited help and guidance to Research Scholars in the areas of Indology, Culture, History and Gujarati/Sanskrit/Hindi Language and Literature as well as Economics and Commerce. Interaction between Research Guides and Research Scholars can be arranged. Standard Research Work can also be submitted to the Vidyabhavan for the purpose of publication. The Vidyabhavan has so far published 61 books, 3 of which have received State Level Awards.

The Vidyabhavan publishes an Annual Bulletin. 44 issues of the Bulletin have already been published. Research Scholars are requested to contribute their Papers, Articles and Summaries of Research Projects for the Annual Bulletin.

Yours sincerely,

Ghanshyam Prasad Sanadhya